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10 Significant Benefits of CBD. The Possibilities are Endless!

1. Acts as Preventative Care 2. Soothes the Mind and Body 3. Relieves Discomfort Naturally 4. Reduces Soreness 5. Non Psycho-Active 6. Calms, Everyday Stresses 7. Human and Pet Friendly 8. Subdues Despondency 9. Eases Stiffness 10. Reduces Distractions


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Tammy D. Simpson is CEO of the company.  She is a retired, disabled veteran who served 35 years in the United States Armed Forces. Once retired, she wanted to pay it forward particularly, to her fellow Battle Buddies, who continues to suffer various physical and mental injuries daily.  

As a female war veteran and humanitarian, Tammy has always wanted to bring comfort and compassion to all the people she could reach.  Her discovery of CBD fell perfectly in line with this passion, providing her with a pathway to give back to society.  As she conducted further research on CBD, it's beneficial effects on the body, both human and animals, it didn't take long for her to discover Norwood Natural's CBD.   

Norwood Naturals was founded in 2019, it's a small family owned and operated business.  The business is affectionately named after the patriarch of the family her father Mr. Ernest Norwood White nicked name "MULE."  He's  Handsome, relentless, strong and fierce.   He' also very intelligent, a God fearing southern family man.

Our brand and company is built around the values he instilled into the family, along with his loving wife, our mother, Joanne White (deceased).  Some of these values includes love of self, integrity, compassion, leadership, and a strong work ethic.  But most importantly, LOVE.

Thanks so much Mom and Dad,
One Eternal Love!


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