Can CBD products be detected on a Drug Test?

If you want to steer clear of failed drug tests. Please pay close attention to the types of hemp products you plan to consume.

Also, consider the source from which the hemp was deprived:

Hemp-Derived CBD. By federal law, the maximum allowed amount of THC is 0.3%. Unfortunately, there is not enough scientific evidences to confirm or deny whether or not tiny traces of THC will show up on a drug test.  The stronger Delta -8 THC has higher levels of THC but still below the kegal legal of 0.3%.

There are rumors out there that suggest consuming small amounts of THC over long periods of time can turn a drug test positive.

But again, not enough research has been conducted to distill these rumors. But rest assure, it’s coming….

Marijuana-Derived CBD.  Several states have legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. In these states, THC percentages may vary. This presumably will turn a positive on a drug test.

Other factors which may cause a Failed Drug Test for Hemp consumers are:

  • Mislabeling on hemp products

  • THC is fat soluble which means the substance stays in the fatty cells longer

  • Not reading and or not understanding product content

Another major factor to consider when consuming hemp products is whether or not the hemp is manufactured in the United States.

For example, hemp grown within the US is heavily regulated so you can rest assure hemp products produced in the U.S. are of the best quality.

After all, you’re most likely consuming hemp products as a healthier alternative. Therefore, when in doubt ask questions. Educate yourself. Conduct your own research. Knowledge is power!

Much is known and much is still unknown about these amazing chemical compounds. Cannabinoids are relatively new to society and the workforce. And like everything new the kinks has to be worked out. It may take a while before a decision is made in regards to drug testing and the non- psycho active ingredient in the hemp plant, CBD.......hmm.......stay tuned. 

Therefore, when in doubt