Can Hemp products get you High?

According to Weed Maps,

There are two classifications for the cannabis plant that produces CBD: 

Hemp and Marijuana.

  • Hemp-derived CBD is sourced from industrial hemp plants, which are grown primarily for their fiber and seeds.  Hemp plants tend to differ from marijuana plants in appearance; they are often skinny and scarce in foliage.  Hemp is also differentiated from marijuana by its levels of THC, the cannabinoid that possesses intoxicating properties. Under U.S. law a hemp plant must contain no more than 0.3% THC.

  • Marijuana-derived CBD is extracted from marijuana plants that have thick, lush foliage and flowers that are generally grown and consumed for their intoxicating properties. The U.S. government defines marijuana plants as those which contain more than 0.3% THC. While most marijuana plants contain THC as the predominant cannabinoid, there are several strains of marijuana that are rich in CBD.

CBD extracted from hemp or marijuana, remains identical on a molecular level. Despite the identical molecular constitution of hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD, there are certain factors that differentiate CBD products sourced from the two plants.

The main difference between hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD is:

  • The Resin content of each plant. Cannabis Resin is found within the trichomes of buds and, to a lesser extent, on the leaves.  Marijuana plants usually contain copious amounts of resin, while industrial hemp plants contain significantly less.  Following that logic, marijuana offers a more abundant source of CBD than hemp. In order to extract CBD oil from hemp plants, a much larger quantity is needed.

Following the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp was removed from the government's list of controlled substances.  As a result hemp-derived CBD became legal in all fifty states.

In contrast, Marijuana-derived CBD products can only be purchased and or consumed in states where medical or recreational cannabis has been legalized.  So with all that being said, can CBD get you high?

If your seeking CBD as a means to get stoned, you will be somewhat disappointed. The levels of THC is too low.  On the other hand, Delta-8 THC has higher levels of both CBD and THC.

The answer is Yes , It is Possible"