So what's all the Rave about Hemp products?

Hemp can boost;

Mental Health & Mood

Serotonin is accountable for leading our moods. Low levels of serotonin has been connected to low mood levels, anxiety, and even depression. CBD products have been shown to increase the levels of Anandamide, a substance known to boost serotonin levels in your brain, and therefore, increasing your mood positively.

Many people have noted using CBD products have helped to reduce the symptoms of their uneasiness and actually provided longer term relief.  While doctor-prescribed medications like anti-depressants, CBD products have been shown to have no side effects, making it an overall better natural solution.

Improved Sleep 

I think we would all agree quality sleep is key to our overall health and state of mind. Millions of people suffer from not getting enough sleep.

CBD and hemp products (some with melatonin) have been shown to be a sleep aid, assisting in mind distraction.  The science behind this is CBD, via high levels of a terpene (an aromatic molecule found in the flower) called Myrcene, which has sedative properties can regulate the way the body acts to the hormones that govern sleep.

If sleep is something you struggle with, give CBD products a try. You have nothing to lose. Especially, if you tried everything else.

Relief from Muscle Discomfort 

CBD have been found to alleviate different types of muscle aches and discomfort. Externally, CBD creams/lotions/salves and gels can be applied directly to sore muscles.

Internally, CBD can be ingested via tinctures, gummies or other edibles. Hemp Flower can be smoked containing low to no amounts of THC.  Cannabinoids acts internally externally by calming down the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body. They creates a homeostasis or balance affect thereby, reducing discomfort.


Cannabinoids has an amazing effect on the skin. Their known to have anti-aging properties that reduces fine lines and wrinkles.  They aid in alleviating dry skin, eczema, acne and psoriasis just to name a few.